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SMT Assembly

Should I Design With SMT?

The benefits of SMT Assembly are extensive, both from a commercial and engineering perspective.

You may wish to stay with through-hole for small production runs with few components and where PCB space is not at a premium. Even then, you may feel that SMT assembly enhances the perception of your product and remains cost-effective. Also, there may be technical advantages in using SMT.

The benefits? Well, PCB real-estate is a major factor. The most obvious advantage of SMT assembly is the potential for miniaturisation. The decrease in PCB size can be very dramatic with SMT. Along with this come advantages in the area of EMC. For one thing, the absence of leads on SMT parts reduces inductance; good for high-speed circuits and decoupling. Mechanical strength and robustness are also enhanced with SMT.

If you're working with a complex circuit, then SMT assembly can make it commercially viable; cost and size being the issues here. As mentioned, SMT can also improve the perception of your product. In this case, quite literally, every little helps!

Automation helps reduce cost. Most SMT components come on reels ready to slot into an SMT assembly machine. Larger chips often come in 'waffle trays' that can slide into our automatic chip dispensers.

We can place discrete SMT components down to 0201 in size.
That's pretty small!

Most designers are working with 0805 or 0603, with the latter becoming more and more popular. Larger sizes are used where more isolation or higher power dissipation are required. We currently recommend 0603 for most new designs and can help with PCB footprints and design rules.

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SMT Assembly Solder Reflow Oven

SMT Assembly Computerised Multi-Zone Reflow Oven

SMT Assembly Precision Production Machine

TS is now using it's third generation of high-speed pick and place machines for SMT PCB Assembly.

The Yamaha SMT machine above has six placement heads and several dedicated vision cameras for accurate placement of extra fine-pitch, BGA, and discrete components down to 0201.


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