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Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing

PCB assembly

We specialise in small to medium production runs with fast turnaround on prototypes and no minimum order. Our experienced team works to IPC-A-610 class 2 as standard or class 3 if required.

We have advanced pick and place machines with accurate 22um placement and our precision stencil printer has self-cleaning to ensure reliable printing with built-in optical inspection.

  • Single or double sided boards
  • SMT, through-hole or mixed technology
  • Leaded or lead-free processes
  • Component sizes down to 01005

Inspections at every stage to ensure the best quality throughout the production process.

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection

All PCBs are 100% inspected by visual or automated optical inspection as requested.

High speed, five camera inspection, our AOI utilises top and side cameras to provide excellent defect detection, including

  • Component present / polarity / skew
  • Solder defects
  • Tombstoning
  • Bridging
  • Lifted legs

With barcode labelling, all data can be logged for future reference

Cables & Sub-Assemblies

We can produce small volume cable assemblies, box builds and sub-assemblies.

Programming & Testing

  • We can program your microcontrollers and memory chips. We have a standard non-disclosure agreement or would be happy to sign yours.
  •  We can carry out function tests as part of our closed-loop quality system, keeping records of faults and rework required


  • Assembled PCBs can be cleaned with our aqueous cleaning system – this removes all flux residue and other contaminants including ‘no-clean’ flux
  • Non-washable components fitted after cleaning

Purchasing & Kitting

We can manage the purchasing and kitting of all components, PCBs and peripherals.

  • Managed or free-issue kit – in full or in part
  • Extensive & detailed review of your BOM to ensure all specifications are met
  • We work with reliable sources to attain quality of supply
  • We search for competitive pricing without compromising on quality


Our QMS generates labels for every part to allow traceability & correct kitting and storage.

Components stored and handled correctly according to their moisture sensitivity level – unsealed parts stored in a dry cabinet. Static-sensitive parts handled within ESD protected areas.

Other Services

  • Conformal coating
  • Rework and repair

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